Do You Tesserate?


Or put another way, why this blog?


                I have a whole bunch of uncommon interests, inconoclastic viewpoints, and recondite conversational topics rattling around in my head. Some of them are unique, as far as I can tell, while others are simply obscure. And I have a dearth of people to talk to about any of them with, so I’m very likely missing the Big Picture on all of these interests and topics. Maybe these mental constructs I hold so dear aren’t so special; maybe I just haven’t met the people who share them yet. Or maybe I haven’t given enough credit to the people I already know, and I just need a way to present what I’m interested in to them and listen to what they have to say in response. However common or uncommon my interests are, this blog is about showcasing them, putting some questions out there, and gathering commentary from you, dear reader. My goal is to start an interesting conversation or two. Or ten. Or a thousand.   J


I’m told blogging is a great way to connect with people. I’m looking forward to finding out whether or not that’s true.


Other people’s input often gives me a new, wider perspective on things. Through others’ experience, I get to see new dimensions of life that were invisible to me before. And sometimes my experiences or perceptions widen others’ perspective. A tesseract is a cube that is revealed to exist in four spatial dimensions, rather than just the usual three. The name I chose for this blog is the verb form of the noun tesseract. It's meant to represent my goal of bringing new dimensions of the world into view for all who participate here.


                I can promise anyone who reads this blog that it will be a unique experience. And I hope that what’s presented here will give me the chance to start a conversation with you, have a laugh or two, maybe learn something. So, read on. Then please, startle me with your facts. Wow me with your analysis. Leave me in stitches with your humor.  Move me with your relevant anecdotes.  


                The world we live in is bigger than any of us. And so full of surprises. I find those two facts endlessly thrilling. I’d like you to use what I post here as a spring-board to launch conversations like none of us have had before. Show me corners of the multiverse through your eyes, that I’ve never seen before. Think of my posts as pieces of parchment, on each of which I’ve just sketched a rough line or two of a drawing. If what you see moves you, I invite you to take the parchment and flesh out what I’ve begun. Make it your masterpiece. If you do, I believe all our lives will be richer for it.   


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